Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I LOVE watching football - live or on TV. It doesn't matter - to me they are both great. Call me crazy, but the sound of a football game is kind of soothing to me. I just love it!

In honor of football season being (almost!) here, I've made a couple of cards using pompomabella. She's so stinking cute! The red and white bella wasn't made for any particular team, although I realize now it's Cornhusker colors (ugh). The green and gold was made in honor of my alma mater - good ol' Colorado State. Go Rams!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Testing, testing...1, 2, 3. This might be my first official blog post - depending on whether or not I actually post it. :) I've had several requests to start a blog, and goodness knows I absolutely LOVE reading other people's blogs. I enjoy writing and making a "journal" of daily happenings, so I hope this blog will be a place to share my little life with the world. Here we go!

I'm currently preparing for a few days away from the home front. This means packing. I hate packing. I don't know when I decided that I hated it, and it doesn't seem like I always did, but somewhere between "back then" and "now" I have grown to despise packing. Picking out the clothes for my trip seems to be the worst part. What's so funny and ironic about this to me, is that I LOVE CLOTHES! Seriously, I would buy them all the time and require the world's largest closet if we had the finances and space to allow it. I don't seem to have a problem choosing clothes on a typical morning, so why is selecting them a few days in advance so difficult? I suppose it helps that when I'm home, if halfway through the day I decide that I don't care for my outfit, I could technically go to my closet and change. However, I don't think I've ever done this. So I ask again, what is the big deal?!

Well, whatever it is, my departure time isn't getting any further away, and my suitcase still lies empty. I hope that your day's agenda is moving along much better than mine. I need to go pack now. Wish me luck...