Saturday, April 11, 2009

Baby Days

We are doing good - still adjusting to life as a family of three! Charla is gaining weight right on schedule and was up to 6 pounds, 7 ounces this past Tuesday. She sleeps pretty well at night - we get up every three hours or so. Every now and again she pulls a four hour shift and we are thrilled when that happens. Hopefully those will be occurring more and more often before much longer. :)

We are enjoying getting to know her and discovering a little bit more about her personality each day. She is a lot of work but keeps us laughing and smiling every day!

Here are some photos from the last two weeks:

Sleeping on Grandma


Faith said...

She is so precious! I know you are enjoying each and every moment with her.

Hope y'all have a blessed Easter weekend!

Rmomof3 said...

Asprecious as Charla is - I thought I would let you know - you've changed! You definitely look like a Momma - with your adorable haircut! Enjoy these precious firsts with your sweet baby! Happy Easter! Did you get snow like we did? Blessings! R.

Kristin @ Blue Skies said...

Absolutely adorable!