Monday, July 28, 2008

Working Girl

Last May I left the work force to pursue the life of a full-time homemaker. I had worked full-time since graduating from college in December 2001, but knew that the work force was not where God had called me to be long term. I always knew that I'd never be a career girl. So when God opened some doors for me to "stay at home" and use my time and talents to keep our home and take care of my husband, I was thrilled to say good-bye to the 8 to 5 life.

I gave six weeks notice at my job and trained my replacement for two full weeks before being officially finished there. My replacement, "Jenny" was a sweet, kind, girl with a huge heart for the job. I couldn't have selected a better replacement and I knew I was leaving the department in good hands. We emailed periodically through the summer when she would have questions or need some advice and by fall, Jenny was an old pro.

Last week Jenny was killed tragically. It was a huge shock to the community, to my former employer, and especially to her family. It's very, very sad. I visited the office on Thursday last week to see how people were doing and express my condolences. While I was there I was offered my old job back. While I am not looking to return to the work force permanently, I had already felt God's prompting to help out this department if they expressed a need for it.

So, starting tomorrow afternoon, I will be returning to work part-time for the next 5-8 weeks as my former employer transitions into a new day-to-day routine without Jenny. A permanent replacement will be hired but it probably won't be for at least four weeks due to a very busy time of year for the department. If you happen to think of me tomorrow around 1:30pm mountain time, would you say a quick prayer for me? I am nervous about whether or not it will be strange to work in this environment. Of course I didn't know Jenny as well as the other employees since I had not spent the last year working with her, but her death was so untimely that you can't help but feel heartbroken by it. My sincere hope is that I can help this office in their time of need and pour God's love out on their very broken hearts.


Gretchen said...

Laura, you sweet thing...praying for you and all involved. What a generous person you are to do this. I'm just sick for Jenny's family. Blessings, Gretchen

Faith said...

Praying for you, Laura. I'm sure they appreciate your willingness to help out during this difficult time. I pray that the Lord would help you as you go back to a routine that you have been out of for a while and that things would go smoothly.

petrii said...

I just found you through Faith's blog. I'm so very sorry to hear about your friend Jenny. It is so great of you to offer to help like this.

I will be checking back in on your blog and will be praying for Jenny's family.

Blessings to you dear one,