Sunday, August 3, 2008

Escaping the heat

Colorado (at least the front range) is in a heat wave these days. Today marks the 22nd day over 90 degrees, and the last three days have been over or near 100. I know compared to those with humidity these temps may not seem severe, but to those of us who live here, it's still hot. And let's just say there is a reason I don't live in high humidity. It's called I would be a puddle on the concrete.

Yesterday A and I went to higher (aka cooler) ground. We went to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. Oh hallelujah it was not as hot!! We arrived there late morning and sought out a picnic spot to enjoy our lunch. We ended up on the shore of Lily Lake, under a lovely pine tree, with a view of Longs Peak. Unfortunately I didn't take the camera with us - bummer! I did find these pictures on Flickr that are very similar to what we saw yesterday.

After lunch we walked around the lake and then drove to the north gate to Rocky Mountain National Park. They have a really nice Visitors Center, gift shop, and restaurant to hang out in. (Photo compliments of the web)

After spending some time there, we shopped in Estes Park. They have lots of cute shops with unique gifts and souvenirs. They also have ice cream shops on every other corner and their waffle cone scent wafts out onto the street and draws you into the store. The Rocky Road ice cream was to die for! :) Once again I didn't have my camera with me, but I love this photo of downtown Estes that I found online. This is pretty much what things looked like yesterday.

We wrapped up the day at a Poppy's Pizza and Grill right along the Estes Park Riverwalk. We had a table on the patio and there was live music. It was the perfect ending to a warm (although cooler than back at home!) summer day!


petrii said...

WOW ~~ Beautiful!! I love Colorado and all things mountainous!! I've never been to Estes Park, but have heard it is one of the prettiest places to visit.

That restaurant looks GREAT ~~ Pizza by the water ~~ get-out-of-town sister ~~ too good.

Have a GREAT week,

Gretchen said...

I used to love going to Estes Park as a kid (and adult). Great day trip. And, yes, it was cooler. :) I hope the weather breaks soon for you.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Estes Park is my favorite spot on earth...and I am not even remotely kidding about that. I go there every chance I get. In fact, we've vacationed there the last three summers (well, actually in RMNP) and we're feeling like we're WAY overdue for a trip.

Oh, and Poppy's is one of our favorite restaurants there!

I'm trying hard not to be jealous of your day!

But hey, have you seen the forecast? It looks like we're going to get some rain and cooler temps this week (at least where I live). I hope it's heading your way too.

Renee said...

I know this an older post of yours, but we just got back from Estes late Sunday ( I have yet to post pictures from our trip - but I intend to soon). We go every fall, spring, and summer. We buy a year pass to RMNP - b/c we love it so. It is kind of like our second home in CO. LOVE IT! Our trips always involve a stop at Celestial Seasonings on the way too! Have you been there? Have a blessed day! Renee