Thursday, October 30, 2008

Chicago: Days 4 & 5

The theme of Tuesday and Wednesday (October 7 & 8) was SHOPPING!! Tuesday we had a majorly lazy morning and didn't leave the hotel until lunchtime. I was hoping to find a Forever 21 store so that I could pick up a pair of these super cute shoes that I saw on Kelly's blog.

Aren't they adorable?! I love ballet flats and I love purple so they are a must have in my opinion. Unfortunately the Forever 21 we went to didn't have them, but they did have these...

They only had one pair and they were my size and only $8.50 - how could I resist?! (And I ordered the purple shoes from so I have those too!)

It ended up pouring on Tuesday afternoon so it was a good day to spend at the mall. We had dinner at Red Lobster that night (YUM!) and then spent the rest of the evening at my aunt and uncle's house. I took a couple of pictures of my aunt's house all dressed up for fall - she does such a good job with decor!

Wednesday we started the day in Wheaton at my aunt's favorite home decor store, JB Winterberry. It's one of those stores that closes for several days each season to completely redecorate for the upcoming season. The whole stores was decked out for fall and Halloween - talk about an inspiration station! I bought this cute metal pumpkin and have it sitting on our hearth. Since it's metal I could also put it outside in the garden if I wanted to. I love it!

After Wheaton we drove to Glenview which is where my grandparents lived. We stopped at the church where their ashes are buried and also drove by their old house.

Wednesday night was our last with my aunt and uncle so we had a yummy Italian dinner at their house.

Thursday morning we moved to the wedding hotel in Carol Stream and met up with the other side of my family for the rehearsal and wedding - but that's the next post!

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Faith said...

Super cute shoes!! I have some leopard ones similar to those and I wear them all the time.

The fall decor is so pretty at your aunt's house. I like your metal pumpkin too!