Sunday, March 16, 2008

Preparing for Easter

Despite the snow falling outside, Easter is one week from today! This year we will be hosting dinner for one set of parents and one set of grandparents. Can't wait!! I've spent a good portion of this weekend planning the nitty-gritty preparation details. Now before you roll your eyes at this, keep in mind that I decided on New Years Day that I wanted to host Easter this year, so I've had 76 days of planning so far. Am I an organizational freak show? You betcha! I thrive on planning. :)

So, here is the breakdown of my Easter Dinner plans:

Honey-spice glazed ham
Cheesy potatoes
Raspberry-Craisin Spring Salad
Deviled Eggs
Apricot Jello Salad
Coconut Cake

Wednesday - start defrosting ham in the refrigerator
Thursday - hard boil eggs for deviled eggs and dying
Friday - dye Easter eggs, make apricot jello salad, cheesy potatoes, and deviled eggs
Saturday - thaw coconut cake (yes, it's store bought but I just bought it last week and it's "homemade" from their bakery. It's gorgeous!)
Sunday - bake biscuits while we're enjoying breakfast, bake ham while we're at church, reheat potatoes, make salad just before dinner, then pull the whole thing together!

Of course my weekly homekeeping tasks will be scattered among these things too, so it should be a pretty full week. Planning everything out like this keeps me sane and from getting too overwhelmed with prep work on any one day.

We're pretty much skipping St. Patty's Day this year because I'm just too busy planning for Easter. I will wear green tomorrow and remind A to do the same so he doesn't get pinched at work! Happy St. Patrick's Day tomorrow!

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