Monday, March 24, 2008

Celebrating Easter

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter yesterday! We had a great time with my parents and grandparents. They arrived Saturday afternoon and shortly thereafter it started snowing! It wasn't heavy snow or anything, but it was snowing just the same. We wanted to go to a very special restaurant for dinner that night. When my grandparents lived in Quincy, IL they introduced us to this fun little restaurant called "Maid Rite." Last fall I discovered a restaurant by the same name in Loveland. A and I went there in October and it was very similar if not the same as what I remembered from Quincy. So of course we had to take my grandparents there for dinner Saturday night! It's about a half hour drive from our house and we didn't leave until almost 6:00 as it was, so we were definitely ready for dinner. Well, we get all the way down to the restaurant and it's closed!!!! Not closed for the evening, but out of business closed. It was such a bummer and a major let down! A and I don't dine in Loveland too often and weren't sure what else was available for dinner, so we turned around and drove back to Fort Collins and ended up at C.B. & Potts. I think they could have served us mush and it would have tasted good - we were so hungry! My dad always likes to order dessert and we ended up getting two to split between the six of us. It was a great evening - despite the change in plans for our dining establishment.

Sunday morning we woke up to cold temperatures, but SUNSHINE! It's such a blessing to have a nice Easter and we've certainly had our fair share of cold, gray, drizzly, snowy Easters in the past, so we appreciate the nice ones even more. We attended the 10am service at church but arrived plenty early so that we were able to find parking easily and got 6 good seats all together. The church was packed which was so amazing! I loved worshiping with so many fellow believers on one of the most special days of the year. After church we came home and it was time for action! I had the ham in the oven and the timer set, so it had cooked almost an hour by the time we arrived back at home. I was SO GLAD that I'd done so much prep-work ahead of time because it really paid off in getting everything on the table quickly when it came time for dinner. The meal turned out very well and I was very, very pleased with everything.

Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa left to return home around 4:00pm. Everything was all cleaned up from Easter dinner, so I took a little nap, watched some TV, and read. I was one pooped girl by the time my head hit the pillow. What a special and delightful Easter celebration!

The family before "digging in" for Easter dinner.

Our sweet kitty, Jasmine, taking in all the Easter festivities

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