Saturday, May 3, 2008

Fully Loaded

The refrigerator and freezer are fully loaded for our meals during May. I finished my meal plan early this week and bought groceries at Sam's Club and King Soopers on Thursday. This isn't everything I bought, just the big items. I didn't take this picture until Friday and I didn't feel like getting everything out of the cupboards again.

I'm not going to go through every item individually, but I did manage to get a few deals worth mentioning...

Old El Paso taco seasoning from King Soopers: 1.19 minus .55/1 MFC plus .45 bonus coupon (since King Soopers doubles up to $1) = .19

Fast Fixin' chicken patties and nuggets: At King Soopers these regularly retail for 1.99 each. The sale tag said they were 3/$5 this week. I had 3 $1/1 MFC, making them 3/$2 or .67 each. Not a bad deal! However, when I went through the checkout line, I didn't catch that they rang up at regular price. I always double check my receipt in the car so that I don't get all the way home and then find an error if there is one. I went back inside and talked to customer service. I'm not sure how the clerk figured this out (I just wanted him to adjust the price to the sale price), but for some reason he ended up giving me 4.68 back. So, with my $3 in coupons, I actually ended up making $1.71 on this chicken. Works for me!

Old El Paso refried beans from Target: .88 minus .55/1 MFC = .33

And here's the scoop on the Totino's pizza. Once a week (Saturdays), I get a break from cooking by making these pizzas. We cook one for each of us, add a salad or vegetable, and at .91 per pizza we have a yummy, quick, no-stress dinner for 1.82. Such a deal!

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