Monday, May 19, 2008

A great movie, some fine sitcom reruns, and a thunderstorm

This weekend was a ton of fun! Saturday afternoon we rode our bikes to the movie theater to see the new Chronicles of Narnia movie - Prince Caspian. OH MY WORD WAS IT GOOD!!! I love all the symbolism in these movies about how our heavenly Father looks out for us, protects us, teaches and stretches us. I think that I'm going to read through the series this summer so that I'm prepared for the next movie. And if there isn't a next movie, I'll still get to enjoy the stories! On our ride home, God blessed us with a beautiful sunset to light our way. It was a gorgeous evening!

And on an unrelated note, I've recently discovered the joy of sitcom reruns in the late afternoon. From 3-7pm on Lifetime every week day I can enjoy 2 full hours of each of the following:

Of course I don't actually sit and watch all 4 hours, but they are delightful to have on as I'm working on projects or around the house. There is some find comedic writing in these shows my friends!!

And finally, we had a wonderful little thunderstorm here this evening. I love thunderstorms because they remind me of summer. Plus they usually cool things off a little bit, although tonight it seemed to just make our world a little more humid. I snapped a photo out the back while it was raining...

Since you can't really see the rain in that photo, I took this picture of the raindrops hitting the pavement. Just so you wouldn't think that I'm lying to you about this thunderstorm thing...

Those are some fine photography skills indeed. I'm probably going to be nominated for an award for that photograph. Yeah.

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