Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Four Months Old!

It's too hot to sleep, so I'm finally making time to write Charla's four month post. Sorry for the blogging hiatus - I really would like to be better at blogging but it seems like life is so full and there just isn't time. One of these days I'm hoping to get back into posting more regularly though!

Charla is four months old!!!

Here's what you are up to at four months old, baby girl...

You weight 11 pounds, 1 ounce and are 23 1/2 inches long.

You're great at sleeping!! We put you to bed at 9pm and you usually sleep 9-10 hours. Then you get up and eat and go back to sleep until about 9:30am. You love sleeping in!

Your great nighttime sleep doesn't make for very long naps though. You take 3-4 naps a day but they are almost always 30 minutes long. We have tried so many things to get you to nap longer, but no matter what you are awake and ready to get up after a half hour. I'm finding that I do better with that fact when I don't try and fight it but just go with it (new theme for my life!).

You have mastered rolling from your back to your tummy. Sometimes you get stuck there (we call it "beached") - it's as if you forgot how to roll from your tummy to your back once you figured out the other half. You're working on getting the whole rotation though and we have no doubt you'll get it figured out before too long.

You've started sleeping on your tummy (like your mom). I almost had a heart attack the first night I walked in your room to check on you and found you on your tummy, face down in the mattress. I quickly touched you to make sure you were okay and rolled you over, only to have you roll right back onto your tummy. Your doctor assured us that you're strong enough to roll over/lift your head if you need a breath. It's so nice to let you choose your sleeping position and you look so sweet curled up on your tummy.

Your accuracy has really improved when you reach for your toys (or my hair - ha!). You love touching the pages in the book when we read to you.

You love going places! We run an errand or stop at a store every day since you enjoy being out and seeing new things. You are always very good - your big eyes just take everything in!

You love when Daddy plays airplane with you and you squeal with delight. This month you've discovered how to make high pitched squeaks and squeals - they make us laugh!

We can hardly believe that 4 months have passed already! We love and treasure you so much, Charla Grace!

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Kristin @ Blue Skies said...

She looks just like a doll sitting in that chair! How sweet! So glad everything is going well! I've missed your posts!