Monday, August 17, 2009


We've started giving Charla a little rice cereal each day. It's so funny to watch her "learn" how to eat. It's amazing how many things we know how to do that we take for granted.

We're not sure if she likes the cereal, although she hasn't given us any faces of disgust. She does really like the spoon - she's always trying to grab it as we bring it to her mouth. That's the start of half of it ending up on the tray/bib - ha! Another milestone for the baby book! :)

This weekend we went to Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World in Denver. We were in Denver for the morning anyway and I though Charla might like to see the fish and animals. I didn't realize the fish tank wasn't illuminated so I'm not sure if she actually noticed the fish. She did enjoy a nice little tour around the store though!

I bought Charla a bow band and bow last week to try the whole bow thing. My thought is that if she and I both like it, I'll get some more. I may even try my hand at making a few. She won't be wearing a bow every day or anything, but for a special occasion or holiday I think they're cute. And I know I'm biased, but I think she looks so incredibly darling!