Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend in Review

This weekend I had two projects on my "must-do" list.

1) Freeze peaches

2) Steam clean our carpets

My mother-in-law knows a guy who goes to the western Colorado slope every late summer/early autumn to buy peaches. They're sold in 25 pound boxes and I buy a half a box every year to use for pies and cobblers during the winter. They arrived this last week but I didn't have a chance to freeze them until this weekend. We ate some of them fresh during the week but this morning after church I peeled, sliced, and froze the rest of them. We now have 14 cups of peaches in the freezer for some yummy baking in the coming months!

Last weekend we visited my mom and dad in Colorado Springs. I'll see Mom again next weekend when we meet up in Denver for the Women of Faith conference. It's not often that I get to see her every couple of weeks, so I took advantage of the schedule and borrowed their carpet cleaner. It's kind of large so I don't really like to store it any longer than necessary and this way I can give it to her next weekend when I see her. Our carpet is just over two years old so it's still in really good condition and doesn't really require a full, professional cleaning yet. We borrow Mom and Dad's steam cleaner once a year or so and spot clean any areas that are looking a little shabby. Last year I took care of this by myself, but yesterday A got involved and he really got into it! I had three small areas in mind to clean, but by the time he was finished he'd cleaned probably 60% of the living room, our entire office, the area at the top of our stairs and the adjacent hallway, and the main area of our family room. Go hubby, GO - I am one grateful wife!

This afternoon we made a trip to the mall to get A fitted for a tux. A's brother is getting married in December and he is a groomsman. I love seeing him all dressed up in a tux!

While we were at the mall I got two new pairs of pants (jeans and a pair of cords) and a new pair of shoes - hooray for me! I feel like I did when I was little and we'd go back to school shopping. I'm really into ballet flats lately, so here's the cute brown pair I found today.

I love them and they are sooooo comfortable!

This evening I made cheesy potatoes and ham for dinner and it's smelling like they have finished baking, so I'm going to sign off. Hope you've had a relaxing and wonderful weekend!


Kristin @ Blue Skies said...

I just got those same shoes two weeks ago...I love them! They are so cute :)

Faith said...

Those peaches, yum!! I wish I could come to your house for some cobbler! Love the shoes too!

Gretchen said...


Yay for times when hubbies help. It feels almost as romantic as a date sometimes. ;)