Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday, Monday

It was hard to say good-bye as A went back to work this morning. The end of Christmas vacation always comes too quickly. What can I say - I love having my man home! I do enjoy having the bills paid too though, so I can't complain too much. :)

This weekend we started our baby registry, did some organizing/purging in the office-soon-to-be-nursery, and enjoyed some quality time relaxing with a movie. It was a great way to wrap up our Christmas season.

I made a few Christmas gifts myself this year, which isn't really out of the ordinary for me. Now that it is after Christmas and the gifts have been given, I can preserve their memory on the blog.

1. Keyhole scarf for my aunt

2. Assortment of cards for my mom

My mom has been asking for a selection of handmade cards almost since I started making cards as a hobby. When I make cards, I always make them in an even number, even if I only need one card, so a lot of times I have extras. This collection is 30 of my extras - for birthdays, thank you, encouragement, baby, and wedding. A lot of them are blank on the inside so she can make the card appropriate for whatever she needs.

I had three boxes left from our Christmas cards this year that I recovered with scrapbook paper to package the cards. Each box contains ten cards and envelopes.

3. Scarf for my sister-in-law

My sis-in-law just moved into a new home and has been working hard getting everything sorted, organized, and put away. I wanted to give her of a "cozy night in" sort of gift so I bought her a good book, a box of yummy dark hot chocolate, and knit this scarf for her. I hope she enjoys curling up with all of them on a chilly January evening and taking a break.

I got back in my card studio (if you can call it that) last week as my grandpa had an accident with his table saw and messed up his left hand pretty badly. He's had two surgeries to repair as much as possible and is now in the wait-and-see-how-things-heal phase. All I had were get well soon cards and I didn't think that sentiment fit the situation just right, so I made this card to send him. I hope it cheered him up a little bit!

Happy Monday to all!


petrii said...

You are so talented. I am trying to learn to knit, but so far it has been a pretty ugly process. But I have dreams of scarfs =)

Also those cards are beautiful!! Did you do the writing yourself or do you stamp?

Have a Blessed day,

Adventures of Laura said...

Hi Dawn,

Hang in there with the knitting. It gets easier - although I'm certainly no expert since the only project I've tackled is scarves!

I stamp the sentiments on my cards - the only place I write myself is the message to the recipient on the inside.

Thanks for your sweet comment!