Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Baby Announcements, Twisted Peppermint, and Orange Chicken

This morning I saw the cutest card on a blog that has totally inspired me to start thinking about baby announcements. The card is by Debbie Olson at Thinking Inking - you can see her post about it here. I love the sentiment on the front of the card: Our Family has expanded by two feet! I'd never heard that before today and I think it's just about the most precious thing ever. I had to order the stamp and it comes in a set so it's versatile for lots of different baby cards. The centers and borders aren't attached and can be mixed and matched however you please.

My only dilemma is how to handle the gender thing. I'm thinking of using generic baby colors on the front of the card so I can get all that work done in advance, but then using an "It's a boy" or "It's a girl" stamp inside to announce the gender, which I can stamp pretty quickly after baby arrives.

I ran all over town today and did a bunch of Christmas shopping. I'm happy to report that as a result, we have the shopping for all but two family members taken care of! Hip hip hooray!

While I was out I got some of this at Bath & Body Works:

This stuff is heaven in a tube to me right now. I enjoy wearing fragrant lotions, but my pregnant nose does not. Thankfully I'm past the point of those scents making me nauseous, but the right combination can still trigger a pretty powerful headache. I've been searching for fragrances that are light and clean enough that they won't affect me adversely. Enter Twisted Peppermint - it's perfect! And oh-so holiday which is even better!

I also got to splurge on one of my favorite fast-food treats today - orange chicken from Panda Express! One of my former coworkers affectionately refers to it as orange flavored breading balls since there really doesn't seem to be a large amount of chicken in each piece. I don't care though because it is YUM-MY!

I also finished our Christmas cards today so that is one thing completely crossed off my list. Only about a hundred more things to go!

(orange chicken photo by cjanebuy)


petrii said...

Those stamps are adorable. Your announcements are going to be sooooooo cute!!! I'll have to check out that Twisted Peppermint, my husband doesn't like strong scents.

Have a GREAT day,

Gretchen said...

I've tried the twisted peppermint, but didn't pull the trigger on buying any...too stingy to myself, I guess. But it's a super scent. Very sweet, and clean and fresh. Your baby announcements are going to be so awesome. Blessings on your week.