Saturday, December 6, 2008


A couple of weeks ago, Dawn wrote a post in honor of an award she'd been given and then passed it along to moi! Isn't she a sweetie?! This is my first blog award and I'm so honored!

The rules of accepting this reward are that you have to list 5 favorite addictions and pass the award along to 5 of your favorite blogs (which I am going to conveniently overlook because there is no way I could select only five blogs - I have too many faves!). So here we go!

Addiction #1: Magazines - I've written about this one before, but it really is one of my biggies. I love magazines and subscribe to more than I can ever read in a month. Just having them around makes me happy for some reason.

Addiction #2: Milk - This one seems to be pregnancy related. I've always liked milk, but since I've been pregnant I cannot seem to get enough of it. At least it's one of the healthier things I crave so I don't feel bad about it. Mmmm, just writing about it makes me want to go get a glass....

Addiction #3: Buying Fabric - I've kind of gotten a handle on this since this past spring when I was at the fabric store buying fabric faster than I could dream of completing a project. I still have a huge stack of it on top of the chest freezer in our basement that I have to move every time I need something from the freezer. I splurged and let myself buy some more last week though and it fed some kind of need deep within my soul. I think it's coordinating the fabrics that does it - I just love walking up and down the rows of bolts seeing what looks best together and trying to find the perfect combination. Ahhh, the thrill of the hunt!

Addiction #4: Shoes/Purses - I hope it's okay to group these two together because I don't think I could rank one above the other. Now that I'm pretty much wearing flats exclusively, I've decided that I need an entire shoe wardrobe of flats. A bit excessive - probably! :) These are my latest acquisitions...

I can't seem to have enough purses either. I'm currently looking to add a purple one to my collection. I'm thinking of this one...

Addiction #5: Musicals - This one sounds kind of hokey but I double checked with A to see if he would classify this as an addiction of mine and he immediately agreed wholeheartedly. So apparently I really am a musical freak. I loved performing in them in high school and wish I could still be a part of a show from time to time. In fact, there's a part of me that wishes life really was like a musical. How fun would it be to break out in song and choreographed dance moves with a bunch of strangers from time to time? I think we'd all be a lot happier! For the time being I will have to settle for attending a show whenever possible and owning all the soundtracks that I can get my hands on.

Thanks again for the honor of this award, Dawn - it's been a blast playing along!

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petrii said...

You are so welcome!!

I sure do love me some purses. I also like milk of the vanilla soy variety and magazines. Me too. I have way to many ocming monthly to my home, but I love them.

Have a GREAT weekend,