Monday, December 8, 2008

Last Day of Work

Friday was my last day of work in the office. The department had a combination holiday/farewell/welcome party - farewell for me and welcome for the new employee. The party was catered and was a delicious Mexican feast - tacos, enchiladas, and the best cookies I've had in ages (not Mexican but SO good).

My coworkers surprised me with a few baby gifts, too. The office manager bought us this mobile for the nursery:

We're doing the nursery in the "Classic Pooh" theme so this mobile is just perfect. I've loved Classic Pooh for many years and it's ideal since it's gender-neutral!

The department totally spoiled us with a very generous gift card to Target and the department head threw in a Visa gift card on top of that. What unexpected blessings! I am so grateful to have worked with such wonderful people and am sad to say good-bye to seeing them on a regular basis.

Thursday I had a farewell lunch with another coworker, JoAnn, and she surprised me with this sweet baby gift:

I have heard other moms rave about how great these bibs are so I'm thrilled to have a couple of my own. The little frog has a loofah on his belly and besides that he's just adorable!

Today I have a few last emails to get through and then I'll set up my auto-response telling folks to redirect their messages to the new employee. After that I'll just be checking in with her a couple of times a week over email.

This week feels longer already - although I know I'll be filling it up with lots of things that have been put off over the past few months. It's good to be back home!


petrii said...

How wonderful that you are home now. And how kind that they gave you such wonderful gifts.

I love that mobile and bib.

Have a Blessed and restful day,

Kristin @ Blue Skies said...

I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE that mobile!! For years I've always said that I'm going to decorate my nursery in Classic Pooh! So adorable!