Wednesday, December 3, 2008

You got to move it, move it

Yesterday I posted about our Thanksgiving weekend, but I left out one minor detail. I mentioned that on Thursday the baby had a little dance party and it was awesome. But what I left out is that for the next 5 days I barely felt any movement at all. I'd feel it every now and again but it didn't seem like nearly as much as I'd felt before. I sort of started to wonder if I was just imagining the little bit of movement I was feeling because it felt so sparse! Monday night I decided to really try and get some movement so I had a bowl of raspberry sherbet and then intentionally sat really still and spent some time on my left side - nothing. Tuesday morning I tried some caffeine, but unfortunately I had some errands to take care of that I couldn't really put off, so I didn't get to spend time resting to see if the caffeine prompted any movement. About 2 hours later I returned home and did have some time to lay down, but even then I barely felt a thing.

By the time I left to get lunch and head to work I was a wreck. Some days I just don't feel emotionally stable enough to become a mother! I called my mom in tears and we talked about things for a little bit and then she told me that I needed to call the doctor as they were the best people to reassure me. So I did and when I connected with the nurse she explained that fetal movement is very sporadic before 28 weeks which is why they tell you not to track it. However, she did offer to let me come in and hear the heartbeat if I thought it'd help. That afternoon I did feel a little more kicking but I still went in to hear the heart and of course everything was fine. Baby's heartbeat was strong and in the 150s and the midwife found it right away which always makes me feel better.

The funniest part about this, which I knew would happen, is what baby started doing not 15 minutes after I'd left the doctor's office. Yep, you guessed it - moving, moving, moving. I felt lots of flutters and kicks as I prepared dinner, wrote my blog post, and all throughout dinner and for the rest of the evening. Oh well - such is life I guess. And at least we know baby has a sense of humor!

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