Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Post-weekend wrap-up

I realize it's Tuesday which might be a little late to be giving a post-weekend wrap-up, but it was kind of a busy weekend and completely wore me out! I spent most of yesterday resting, taking it easy on the couch, and doing as little as possible. Pregnancy can really tire a girl out!

Saturday was our third baby shower. The guests were mostly friends and family from A's side of the family. Upon arrival at the shower, there was a table set up with three games on it - guessing the number of newborn diapers in a gallon-sized jar, identifying various baby foods without the labels on them, and identifying various white powders from around the house (like baby powder, cornstarch, powdered sugar, etc) without smelling or touching them. Quite a challenge!

We got lots more wonderful gifts and it was fun to get those all unpacked. I did baby laundry that evening, plus got the crib mattress pad and some other soft items for the nursery all laundered and ready to go.

Sunday morning we went to church and then made a stop on the way home to stock up on some more things we'll need after the baby is born. Between a busy Saturday and the time change, I was exhausted and spent a couple hours off my feet before we met up with A's family for lunch. In the afternoon we picked up our crib and mattress and then came home and got that all set up. I love it and am so, so happy with the crib we selected!!! We also got the valance hung above the window. The room isn't finished yet, but it's looking more and more like a nursery!

Finally, one member of our household is very excited to have an extra hour of afternoon sunshine thanks to daylight savings time. Hope it's feeling like spring at your house too!


petrii said...

Can I just start by saying,"That is one ginormous kitty!!" What a cutie!!!

I love me some classic Pooh. Your crib and bedding is just adorable.

Have a restful week,
Praying for you,

Kristin @ Blue Skies said...

I love, love, love the classic Pooh! So adorable!!