Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gettin' Crafty

Yesterday I found some time and energy to do something creative. First off, I made a few cards. Remember when I used to do that? I haven't had a lot of time for cardmaking since last summer, but I am able to squeeze in a card here and there. My aunt is in the hospital recovering from surgery, so I made her a card to brighten her spirits. It's the same layout as this card but more feminine.

In the afternoon I decided to sew a large receiving blanket for the baby. We took a class on newborn care a couple of weeks ago and the class strongly encouraged swaddling for your baby in the first couple of months if they get fussy. The class also mentioned how quickly newborns outgrow receiving blankets, so we'll need something larger. I got some flannel and had the store cut it as long as it is wide so that I ended up with a square. Then I just hemmed up the edges with a zig-zag stitch and we're all ready for a snug, cozy baby!

This is technically the boy fabric that I selected, but I think it could work for a girl too. To me it's more "cute" than "boy." I wouldn't wrap a boy up in a pink blanket, but girls can wear a little blue sometimes can't they?

Finally, I wanted to mention a creative blog that I've recently discovered called Little Birdie Secrets. The blog features sewing, quilting, and other fun projects. Check it out here if you're interested.

I'm off to my doctor's appointment to see and hear Baby!

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petrii said...

That card is so cute ~~ oh my stars!! And since I inquired with you I have been doing a little card making myself. Do you make your own envelopes and if so is there a template that's easy to use?

I love the receiving blanket too. Perfect to swaddle that itty bitty in.

I'm praying for you. Hope all went well today.

Have a Blessed evening,