Friday, March 6, 2009

Sealed with a Kiss

Here's my attempt at posting the pic of the baby kissing me from my ultrasound yesterday. This is a profile of the baby, although you can't really see the whole profile very clearly - the top of its head is on the right and moving to the left across the image is the nose, lips, and then chin. I've tried to label the nose and lips, but I'm not sure if I just made things more confusing. The nose is right below the word "nose" and the lips are below and a little to the right of the word "lips." You can see two bumps and those are them!

The baby's lips are very puckered and look almost as big as its nose. Its nose might be smooshed into the placenta a little bit - I'm not really sure. Anyway, hopefully you can kind of get an idea from this photo. Sorry for my complete lack of photo editing skills!

Happy weekend to all!