Friday, March 13, 2009

Quick Post

  • All was well at my appointment today! Blood pressure was high-normal, but that last word is key - not too far off from NORMAL! Pray for the doctors as they decide if I should be allowed to go into labor on my own and possibly go past 40 weeks or if I should be induced right around 40 weeks (provided I haven't already gone into labor by that point).
  • Our camcorder arrived today, so we are one step closer to being ready for Baby. It's a belated Christmas gift - A has spent the last few months researching the best one to buy. He doesn't take these kind of purchases lightly. :)
  • I had a haircut and fresh highlights yesterday so I'm all ready to meet our baby and today I had a pedicure so my feet will be cute for labor and delivery. I doubt the baby cares about my feet, but my painted toes make me feel so much prettier!

  • A and I have ZERO PLANS for this weekend which is awesome! I don't feel like doing much more than just hanging out around home anyway and I'm trying to relish every last moment that it's just the two of us (three of us if you count the kitty, which I do).
  • My mom is coming Sunday afternoon for a couple of days to do some last cleaning and cooking for us. My bedrest has risen to a whole new level in combination with my lethargy. It's hard to get anything done, even in the time I don't have to be lying down so I'm very grateful for her help!
  • Hope everyone has a blessed and fabulous weekend!

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