Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday - Aerosol Hairspray

This week, I'm blogging about my hair. Because I am a girl and am never quite happy with my hair. Okay, I take that back. I am happy with my hair sometimes - maybe one day out of every 68.

Lately, I've been having some serious style issues. I have been blaming my individual hair strands, my genes, my hair style, etc.

A couple of weeks ago I had a fun, girls outing that I wanted to look good for. I got together with two friends that I've had for oh, 25+ years. These girls have known me in grade school, the awkward junior high years, high school and beyond. You know they have seen me with some bad hair and have loved me just the same. But still, a girl likes to make a valiant attempt at looking her best for a little girl-time doesn't she?

So as I'm standing in my bathroom attempting to get my hair to look decent, I fluffed, curled, primped, and styled. And when it was to my satisfaction, I grabbed my hairspray. Which was nearly empty.

So from under my sink, I grabbed a new can. And sprayed and sprayed. After a quick double check in the mirror, I was out the door.

I drove approximately 45 miles on the highway to this gathering. With all my windows down and the sunroof open because my air conditioner isn't working. Are you getting the high wind picture here?

And when I arrived and double checked my hair in the mirror - oh glory! My hair still looked great!!! It held all day. Through a walk in the hot Colorado sun. Through playing with a 2 year old. Through my drive all the way back home - all 45 miles again driven with the windows open. My hair hasn't held this well for months! Even when I've spent the day at my sewing machine, which isn't really the most strenuous activity for a hairstyle.

So what was the difference? One simple word - aerosol. The last bottle of hairspray I bought was the non-aerosol, pump-style bottle. I can't believe I didn't make the correlation between that and my limp, lifeless hair!! I am always going to buy the aerosol cans now. And yes, I know it's not great for the ozone layer, but I only spray once a day. I'm making strides toward living green in other areas of my life, but this area is just going to have to wait - until they invent an aerosol product that doesn't harm the environment, since I'm never going back to a pump. Because good hair works for me.

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Faith said...

Hi Laura! I love this post and I am with you all the way on aerosol hairspray! It works the best!
It seems like we have a lot in common...I too, love to sew and also have a handbag out of the "parisville" fabric that is on my blog! What kinds of things do you sew?
Thanks for visiting me. I'll be back to visit again!