Monday, June 16, 2008

Seattle Recap...

Sooooo, I've actually been back from Seattle since Friday night, but I'm just now getting around to blogging about it. I was hoping that I'd have a chance to blog while I was on my trip, but my work obligations were a little more intense than I anticipated. I did have a few moments of down-time here and there but my computer was very public and very much on display and I just didn't feel like sharing my blog with all my coworkers. :)

When I leave town, I obviously have to leave food for A to eat during the week. The thing is that he doesn't really cook, because I always take care of the cooking. In the past I've cooked up a storm for him - lasagnas, casseroles, etc. But this time, I just didn't have the time or energy to do a bunch of cooking in advance. So this is what I left for him:

Considering I like to cook from scratch as much as possible and try to avoid heavily processed foods, this is quite abnormal for our home. It's perfect bachelor food though! :)

Monday afternoon I arrived at the Seattle airport to clouds and rain - what a shock, huh?! I had a super cute black trench coat with little white polka dots on it that I bought earlier this spring, and with my basic black umbrella I felt cute and well-equipped for the weather. I boarded the shuttle to the hotel and got this view of Seattle:

I took a few pictures of downtown Seattle as we drove to the hotel:

When I arrived at the Westin Seattle, I got checked in, went up to the room and freshened up before work. As I was about to head down to the registration desk, I looked out the window and saw sunshine! I figured I'd better snap a few pictures in case it was the only sun I saw the whole week. These pictures are the view from my hotel room - the first photo is Elliot Bay, part of Puget Sound, with some of downtown Seattle in the foreground.

These next two are Lake Union:

Here is Interstate 5, which takes you south to the airport and further south to Portland, OR:

Tuesday afternoon when I got back to the hotel room at 6:00pm, it was overcast and cloudy, but Lake Union was full of sailboats, which I thought was so pretty!

In the evenings after work, I'd head up to my room, change into my pjs (I'm SO not used to dressy work clothes any more!), watch TV and work on my card kits, and then talk to A before heading to bed. I took 4 card kits to work on and actually finished them all.

I did no sightseeing and saw no tourist attractions during my visit. If I couldn't see it from my hotel room or on the shuttle between the hotel and the airport, I didn't see it. Fortunately, the Space Needle did pop into view several times on the bus back to the airport, so I did get to see that and managed to snap a couple of photos, too.

The only thing I didn't get to see was Mt. Rainier. I wasn't out of hope though because I thought there might be a possibility of seeing it on the plane as we left Seattle. Those northwest mountains are so different than our Colorado mountains and they are especially breathtaking when you see them from the air. I was so delighted to look out the window (from my aisle seat no less) as we began the flight home and see the beautiful, freshly snow-capped, Mt. Rainier.

Sights like this bring me so much joy over God's incredible creation!

I was so glad to land in sunny Colorado Friday evening. A met me at the airport and then we drove back to Fort Collins. I was SO glad to get home to my husband, my kitty, and my bed! I spent the weekend sleeping, unpacking, doing laundry, and getting rested up for a new week...

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