Saturday, June 7, 2008

If this post isn't random, I'm not sure what is...

First of all, my rose is blooming!!!

Isn't it GORGEOUS!?! And there are three more buds on it!

Last night while we ate dinner we caught a little bit of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" on TV. I couldn't help but think about Angela Thomas's teaching in her study, "Do You Think I'm Beautiful?" about how extravagant and lavish and loving God is so He must be Greek. What an awesome picture of our God. Mwah!!

After dinner we took a walk around our neighborhood. We hung out by the lake for a little while and even played on the swings. It was dusk and the lights around the lake plus the last moments of the sun setting over the mountains were breathtaking!

There is something so carefree about swinging - what a great break from all the stress of getting ready for a trip.

Speaking of my trip, I think I'm finally all packed and ready to go. I've got my card kits to work on in the evenings in the hotel room, and plenty of reading material for the plane and any downtime. I'm taking this...

(Yes, I know I started it over Memorial Day weekend but time has gotten away from me. I'm hoping to finish it during the trip.)

...and this

(Oh how I love this magazine but it is meaty and I need to have some quiet, uninterrupted time to truly absorb all its wisdom.)

...and this

(I recently started getting this magazine again (for free!) and I missed it. Like Real Simple, there are a lot of great tips and advice in here so I need some good, focused time to take it all in.)

...and this

(So I can have a little cozy, cottage charm with me in my posh, urban hotel room.)

And finally, tonight we are going to Praise In The Park in Loveland to have a little worship time on a beautiful summer evening - can't wait! We've been going for 6 or 7 years now and it's one of my favorite traditions. In the past we've attended the event in Fort Collins which isn't until late July when it is still HOT at 6pm. So this year I got the bright idea to attend the Loveland event in early June. Praise the Lord for that idea!

Hope everyone has had an amazing weekend!

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