Monday, June 30, 2008

Our favorite part would have been Cotton-Eyed Joe...

I'm writing the run-down of our weekend a little late this week because I didn't turn my computer on at all on Sunday. Believe me, that is a big deal for this girl! I'm usually quite compulsive about checking email and bloglines.

Saturday morning A and I worked on our patio table refurbishing project. We made some good progress on it! In the afternoon we worked in the office for several hours. My desk had become a disorganized mess and I needed some time to tackle it. I got it cleaned up and it looks much better now. Saturday night was pizza night and we watched "The Bucket List."

I really, really liked this movie! It has some good lessons that most of us wait too long before learning. I can't say that I have these lessons down, but I'd like to make a better effort at trying.

Sunday morning we went to church and heard an excellent message about road hazards that threaten to trip us up on our journey. The message focused on seven major sins in our lives (also called the 7 deadly sins) which was a great reminder for me. Sometimes we gloss over sin in our own life while it is so easy to see sins and weaknesses in others. I want to be better about focusing on my own shortcomings since they are the only ones that, with Christ's help, I have any power to change.

After church we stopped at Walmart to buy more paint for our patio table. We've also been wanting to buy some more mulch for our front garden so we picked that up while we were there. After spending some more time working on the table in the hot Colorado sunshine we retreated to the family room which is in our basement. We totally participated in the day of rest by resting and watching several episodes of "Jon & Kate plus Eight." We also caught TLC's new show "Rock the Reception." If you haven't read BooMama's post about her friends who were on this show, you really should. It's a great post and it's fun to get the inside scoop on the show. Anyway, A and I have decided that if we had it all to do over again, we'd totally do some kind of choreographed/funky/non-traditional first dance at our wedding reception. Maybe for an anniversary party some year...

To close, I will leave you with this: I'm not sure if you've seen the Evolution of Dance video on YouTube. It's awesome and if you haven't, I totally recommend it. The following video is a wedding take on the whole thing. This is the kind of thing A and I wish we would have been clever enough to come up with. Stick with the first part of the video that's kind of really kicks in around 1:34. Enjoy!

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Steph said...

Oh my gosh! I am laughing so hard I'm crying! That is so ingenius!