Saturday, June 7, 2008

Didn't I just get home?

I'm not sure how this happens, but it seems like this week has flown by and been so l-o-n-g at the same time. After getting home from my visit to my parent's house last Friday night I had a bit of catching up to do at home - unpacking, laundry, grocery shopping. I had my friend Dottie over for a light lunch on Monday which was so much fun. And, she brought me the most delightful little gift!

Seriously, you should smell this stuff - it's just like being on the beach! Such a treat and so perfect for summer.

I had some errands to take of this week and one of my stops was at the Bath & Body Works semi-annual sale. I usually hit this sale a lot harder in January, but I did get a couple of great bargains this time. Anyone remember their Tutti Dolci line from a couple of years ago? I have a jar of the Lemon Meringue moisturizing souffle which smells incredible. It really does smell like a real pie! So at the B&BW sale this week, I found this product, which is a completely different line, but is the perfect complement to the lotion.

Mmmmmm, lemon meringue pie! All of the splurge and none of the guilt. I guess I've gotten pretty well stocked up on body washes this week haven't I? I LOVE them though and can never have enough.

About the point in the week where I got caught up from being gone, it was time to start preparing for my next trip! I'm am off to Seattle this next week to work at a conference. So Thursday, Friday, and this weekend have been devoted to trip preparations and packing. Since I'll be working all day at the conference, I don't have much for sightseeing or touring the city. I'm usually pretty tired at the end of the day so running around town to see the sights isn't as appealing as just relaxing in my hotel room. I'm pretty much a hermit in the evenings. One of the things I'm planning for the evenings is to put together a few cards. I've done all the stamping and cutting, so all that's left is to color the images and then assemble the cards. I've made four "kits" so I'm looking forward to getting those cards finished this next week. I'll have pictures after I get back.

Since Father's Day is a week from Sunday and I'm out of town all next week, I've had to get the Father's Day cards and gifts all ready this week. Here is the Father's Day card I made this year.

My dad's Father's Day gift will be a gift certificate to the Broadmoor Pro Shop to buy some merchandise from the U.S. Senior Open which will be held at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs this year. A's dad's Father's Day gift is a gift card to Inca Mexican Restaurant here in town. We're all about gift cards this year!

Back to the trip preparations!

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