Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Baby Preparations: Crafty Style

We are having a windy afternoon here today - must be something moving in! Jasmine and I are on the couch having a cozy afternoon, plus I'm trying to be extra good about my bed rest today since my 35 week check-up is tomorrow. It's just me and Jasmine this afternoon because A was feeling better this morning and went to work. I'm SO GLAD that he's doing better and thanks to everyone who prayed for him!

Before I was put on partial bed rest, I had a bazillion craft and sewing projects planned for the baby. Blankets, burp clothes, nursery decor...you name it. And then my hours at the sewing machine got cut back severely. I've accepted that I won't be able to have everything I wanted done before the baby is born, but I've also resolved to be very wise about the free hours I do have in a day. Since my mom was here last week and got lots of meals cooked and frozen for us, I don't need to focus as much time on dinner preparations and as a result, I've gotten a little more crafty the last few days...

I have GOBS of cute baby fabrics and have been trying to make a dent in that stash. Not all of my projects will be for our baby, but I'm getting stocked up on baby gifts as well. Once our baby is born and we find out its gender, I'll probably go "shopping" from my gift stash and select some gender-specific items for our little one. In the meantime it is fun to pour lots of love into each project, wondering if it will be for our baby or another family's bundle of joy.

This first project IS for our baby since it's gender neutral and Classic Pooh. I found this cute Tigger flannel at JoAnn fabrics and couldn't pass it up. I turned it into a snugglie blanket and two matching burp cloths:

I love this next fabric which I used to embellish some cloth diapers to make them into cute burp cloths. If we have a girl she is SO getting these!

Sunday afternoon I made a fleece tie blanket that I bought before I knew I was pregnant (this one is for our baby too since it's gender neutral). It's a kit from the craft store and it was on clearance for $6 or something, so even though it isn't Classic Pooh, I couldn't pass it up.

This last project is for me, but it does have to do with the baby. On the hospital packing list, it is suggested that you bring no-slip socks. I know what kind of no-slip socks the hospital gives you and they are U-G-L-Y. Last fall I saw an idea and tutorial on "homemade by jill" for this very thing! She had a baby boy in October and made these for her hospital stay. Since they're so easy and cute, I decided to do the same. They're just puffy fabric paint on the bottom of whatever socks you like!

I guess most of the stuff I've made recently is for our baby, but I promise I have other projects in the works that are not. I'm still working on some flannel blankets that won't all be for our kiddo and I may make a set of flannel burp clothes too - can you tell I love soft, cuddly flannel for baby items? I'll post those once they're finished.

I'll update tomorrow after the doctors appointment!

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