Friday, February 27, 2009


I have been packing for the hospital just in case the baby decides it's ready to be born sooner than we're expecting. The hospital packing list includes "Baby Clothes - weather appropriate for trip home." There is probably a 35 degree temperature range that it could be on any given day in March in Colorado, so I'm trying to plan accordingly.

If the weather is nice and we have a boy, he'll be sporting this:

If the weather is nice and we have a girl, she'll come home in this:

If the weather is cool or cold, we'll layer this over either outfit above:

And here is the back - I think when you're a baby is really the only time it is appropriate to wear a duck on your backside, but it is oh-so cute for that age!

I've also got two blankets packed, heavy and lighter weight, that we can cover the car seat with. Hopefully we've got it covered with these items. And yes, I've packed a few diapers too - I hear those are essential!


Gretchen said...

It's adorable to see how carefully you're planning and packing and anticipating. What a lucky baby.

petrii said...

Yes I agree, no ducks on the backside unless you are an itty bitty =)

These outfits are so cute. You must really be getting anxious to see that little bundle.

Have a Blessed weekend,