Friday, February 20, 2009

Big Friday night plans

Hey y'all - Happy weekend! It has been a sunny but windy Friday and some cooler weather is moving in for our Saturday. I was glad for the sunshine today but not the wind. I do not like wind, which is unfortunate since springtime in northern Colorado can be pretty gusty.

I ended up going out for a little bit today to take care of some very important business...

...renting High School Musical 3!!!! I loved the first two and I wanted to go see this one in theaters when it came out in October, but life just seemed to keep happening and we never made the time for it. Now that it's out on video and we can rent it for a whopping one dollar, I had to get it. I consider myself lucky that A doesn't mind watching these kinds of things with me. :) So that's what our big Friday night plans are - two soon-to-be parents getting in touch with our eighteen-year-old senior year selves. I'm not sure if that makes us cool or pathetic...

While I was out I stopped by the mall to see if there were any cute new things that I couldn't survive without for these last few weeks of being pregnant - ha! I ended up with a pair of khaki pants and this cute black and white polka dot top. I am such a sucker for polka dots!!

This afternoon I finished up some really simple baby blankets that I'll be adding to my baby gift stash. I'm too lazy to photograph them right now so I'll post about them separately later this weekend. Enjoy your Friday night!

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petrii said...

That is the cutest top. I love polka dots to. Oh I'd love to see those blankets.

Have fun watching HSM3.

Have a Blessed weekend,