Thursday, February 5, 2009

Praise the Lord!!!

O LORD my God, I called to you for help and you healed me.
Psalm 30:2 NIV

We have lots of people praying for us right now and God is definitely answering!! I am so glad to report that at the doctor's appointment this morning...

My fluid level has risen to NORMAL!
My blood pressure reading was NORMAL!
The non-stress test on the baby was NORMAL!
The blood work they ran on Monday was NORMAL!

I think I may have floated out of the doctor's office. I am so in awe of how quickly God answered these prayers - praise the Lord!

I need to keep doing what I'm doing to hopefully keep things where they are at so no change in the best rest/soaking situation. I am happy to keep those things up though since they are definitely making a difference. My blood pressure readings at home are still a little elevated and could come down a bit more, but I'm just so thankful that it hasn't gone up!

I can't say THANK YOU enough to all the people who are praying for us and we appreciate your continued prayers so that things stay where they are at.

Blessings and Love,


petrii said...

YIPPEE!! God is so good!!! I will be continuing to pray for you and will be checking back often.

I was wondering if you would have any suggestions for an inexpensive way to get into making cards. If you have any suggestions, I'd really appreciate it.

Have a Blessed evening,

Faith said...

Praise the Lord for such an awesome report!!!

Gretchen said...

I was just catching up with you when I saw the news. I just finished praying and am so glad for your update. I was on strict bedrest for 10 weeks with my son, and so I know that even tho you're being a good sport, it's no picnic. Already taking such good care of your little wee one. Hugs.

Adventures of Laura said...

Hi Dawn!

I saw this "article" some time ago about getting started stamping while on a budget and I thought it was so good that I bookmarked it for future reference. It's at

The post talks about buying value packs of paper/cardstock, $1 stamps, and using 1/2 off or 40% off coupons - I totally agree that all of those things are great ways to keep the hobby from becoming too much of a strain on your budget. I think you've mentioned before that you've got patterned paper around from scrapbooking, so you might need to purchase even fewer supplies to get started.

I hope this is a help. Be sure to post some of your creations if you decide to give it a go - it's always fun to see what other stampers/crafters are creating!