Thursday, April 17, 2008

My new ironing board!

Doesn't that title just reel you in?! LOL! Last weekend I decided that I needed a sewing project that was not baby-related. I've been making a lot of baby gifts for pregnant friends and upcoming showers (posts on these coming soon) and I wanted to make something for me, so I decided on a new cover for my ironing board. A google search produced a link to a lovely tutorial by a lady in England all about how to make your own ironing board cover. On Tuesday I set out to find some fabric for my project and found this lovely red and cream toile. I adore toile!! I would absolutely love to use it in decorating, so here's my first attempt. I suppose an ironing board isn't exactly decorative, unless you sew and iron seams a lot (which I've been doing) and it's easier to just leave the ironing board set up next to your sewing machine than it is to set it up and put it back down every day. (How's that for a run-on sentence?) Red and cream just happens to coordinate with the colors and fabrics in my craft room, so when I do leave it out it will look a little less random.

I love my new ironing board! Think I'll be more eager to iron now? :)

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